Friday, March 18, 2011

Study #2 - Fingerstyle

I share the second of a series of studies included in the method, the goal is to unlink the thumb from the rest of fingers in the right hand.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the roots (Fingerstyle)

As i realized fingerpicking is quite complicated, i chose to get a method for it instead of free practice.

I link the first of a series of studies included in the method, the goal is to unlink the thumb from the rest of fingers in the right hand.

Musically, it may be seen as a regresion from my last song (Andy Pandy), but i rather walk slowly but firmly better than learning scattered songs.

Greetings from Spain!

Monday, March 7, 2011

One month over steel strings

One month over steel strings, and results are just slowly coming...

As always, to raise the spirits, i place a pic of the big ones, this time it is for Gilmour, that always got me chills when i listened to him.

This last week i decided to change the way i was playing the A chord. I was fretting it this way (from sixth to first string) 0-0-2-1-3-0 (all in the second fret, numbers stand for the fingers used in each string).

I was forced to fret it this way because of my thick fingers made me impossible to fret it the common way (0-0-1-2-3-0), as I was unable to fret the 4th string this way.

Fortunately, calluses appeared to harden the tip of my first finger, and i was able to check the chord sounded round in the traditional position, so I decided to start playing it that way.

It feels like a new start point, but it is time for it. I prefer not to go on with bad habits, and being very meticulous now, even if it makes my way slower, as i know this effort will have its reward farther on.

By now i know: A - D - E - Am - Dm - Em - G - C

50% of my sessions is to practice them and to switch from one to another, with and without a rythm pattern on the right hand. When my hand gets tired i change and practice the first position of the pentatonic scale, and when i get tired of everything i put distortion and play power chords.

As a conclusion, my progress is firm but slow, but enjoying much everyday of guitar practice.

I bought a new cable, and the sound has improved much, not a great sound but without the annoying noise that the other cable made...

Thanks and see you soon

Another week of clumsy guitar playing

To raise my self steem, i start with a pic of my guitar idol, playing the guitar i long to own one day (when i become worthy of her, lol), it's a Fender Mark Knopfler Signature, and its price is around 1740 €.

So, another week has gone, the main news is I bought the book "From Zero to Rock Hero", by Owen Edwards. The book is adressed to beginners that want to start learning rock guitar, skipping other areas. I found it really cool, really fun, lessons are easy to follow. Best part is that it includes backtracks and riffs of many famous rock songs, so when i raise my level i will try and play really rock's classics.

The calluses in my left hand make feel I can drill steel plates, lol, and i find it much easier to play chords, cause it enables easy fretting.

By now i know A-D-E chords, and its minor relatives, Am-Dm-Em, and i am working in improving my wrist and fingers position, and practicing changes between chords. I also began my first lessons of chromatic picking to get used to what, someday, will be the practice of scales and phrasing, the base for guitar soloing.

On the other hand i try to learn as much theory as i can, so i already know how to build chords, and a litle about the tonal key of a song. My clumsy fingers don't let me improve faster by now, so it's a perfect time for learning theory.

I will try and share a video soon, so that i can see the long way that lays ahead of me.

Thanks and see you soon!

Ps:By the way, Wednesday 28th of July is an important date on the calendar, as Mark Knopfler will visit my town and give a concert, part of his "Get Lucky Tour". I am going with my sister and I feel very excited about it. It's gonna be awesome!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Andy Pandy - My first fingerstyle cover

A whole week i've been learning this tricky song, the first part was very difficult to learn, but as i went through it it turned easier, so that the second half of the song, which is harder, costed me only two days.

I consider it my first fingerstyle song, for it is the first time i play alternate bass and the melody at the same time. I feel very happy, and longing to learn many more songs, now that I have passed this first test.

Of course, it has many mistakes, but I think it is ok for the time I've been playing, anyhow, those mistakes I keep them in mind and will try to fix them soon.

Ps: tabs can be found at

I hope you like it, see you soon!!

The journey begins, my new electric guitar

Hello everyone.

A new job, a new city, not many friends around, many hours at home without anything i wanted to do...

The answer appeared clear, i had wanted for a long time to play a musical instrument, and among all, my favourite was the electric guitar, maybe because I admide Mark Knopfler (with or without Dire Straits), and I love Blues, Rock & Roll, and folk in general. Other groups or musicians I love are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or even Mike Oldfield.

So it is that a week ago i decided to buy my first electric guitar, one Stagg, Stratocaster kind, it was included in a beginners pack with a soft case, a practice amp, cable, tuner, picks , etc

This is the guitar:

Here the whole pack:

Technical specifications are:

Standard "S" electric Guitar - Pickups 3 x Single Coil - Controls: 1 x Volume + 2 x Tone - Pickup Selector Switch: 5-Way - Body: Alder - Neck: Hard Maple, bolt-on, 648 mm (25.5 in) - Fingerboard: Rosewood, 21 frets - Bridge: Classic "S" Style Tremolo - Machine heads: Vintage Style, nickel - Finish: Highgloss - Colour: Black

My opinion after one week:

The guitar is nice, it makes a small noise but i fear it is due to the cable. In every other aspect it is great for its purpose, it is a solid, well made instrument with a great finish.

This week I have followed two different tutorials on the internet,

on one hand it is i-1 class from the web "Rock & Roll para Muñones", and the first classes from Justin Guitar beginners course.

With this i got my first Blisters, I fight my first three chords, A, D, E, and i learnt the basic rythm pattern for the right hand. Yesterday i realized that better than learning any other chords, i must practice and master these three ones, just to make them sound nice and to switch from one to another.

D chord is specially difficult for me, specially for my third finger (ring finger), that seems to go tied to the midle finger and it is difficult to move on its own.

So by now my goal is that, not to learn more chords but master these three and try to switch between them as quick as possible before going on.

Regards from Spain and see you soon

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new age in ankward guitar playing begins

Hi everyone

I am pleased to start this new adventure and to share it with you all.

What is this blog about?

This blog is the english version of another successful blog concerning guitar, "Dedos de Plomo" ("Wooden Fingers").

I started that other blog when I started palying guitar, eight months ago, at first just to keep a log about my learning stage with this instrument, but it turned to be somehow useful to many people in the early stages of guitar playing, so i decided to share it worldwide, so as much people as possible can find that the problems they have while learning are common, and can be solved with practice and time.

I also have to admit that this in my first blog in english, so i beg your pardon for my mistakes with the language. I just hope my skill turns enough to communicate with you all.

I will tag the posts in chronologic order, so you can find how was my playing in my second month as a guitarist, in my eighth one and so on...

Music styles

My favourite guitar player, light years distance from any other is Mark Knopfler, specially in the early stages of Dire Straits, but also nowadays.

I also like country, blues, rock & pop in general, anything between John Lee hooker to Led Zeppelin and folk in particular (Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and so on). So there are many styles I try to learn at the same time. It can be a mess, but also a way of never getting bored.


My main electric guitar is a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard, I am very fond of her, she's got me completely mesmerized.

I also own a Seagull S6 acoustic guitar (solid cedar top), wich I use very often (as often as the Gibson).

My amplifier is a Fender Mustang I, 20 watt solid state, which is perfect for home practice and recording.


What you are going to find in this blog is the log of a newbye guitarist, with videos and audios of the songs and exercices i play day by day.

By now i share this video i recorded on my fourth day of fingerpicking, it consists in arpegios over the chords of the "unchained melody"


I would like to thank you for reading it, and furtherly commenting my posts, just to help me to improve, or to ask for help (when i can be of any use).

Thak you and i see you around here!!