Monday, March 7, 2011

Another week of clumsy guitar playing

To raise my self steem, i start with a pic of my guitar idol, playing the guitar i long to own one day (when i become worthy of her, lol), it's a Fender Mark Knopfler Signature, and its price is around 1740 €.

So, another week has gone, the main news is I bought the book "From Zero to Rock Hero", by Owen Edwards. The book is adressed to beginners that want to start learning rock guitar, skipping other areas. I found it really cool, really fun, lessons are easy to follow. Best part is that it includes backtracks and riffs of many famous rock songs, so when i raise my level i will try and play really rock's classics.

The calluses in my left hand make feel I can drill steel plates, lol, and i find it much easier to play chords, cause it enables easy fretting.

By now i know A-D-E chords, and its minor relatives, Am-Dm-Em, and i am working in improving my wrist and fingers position, and practicing changes between chords. I also began my first lessons of chromatic picking to get used to what, someday, will be the practice of scales and phrasing, the base for guitar soloing.

On the other hand i try to learn as much theory as i can, so i already know how to build chords, and a litle about the tonal key of a song. My clumsy fingers don't let me improve faster by now, so it's a perfect time for learning theory.

I will try and share a video soon, so that i can see the long way that lays ahead of me.

Thanks and see you soon!

Ps:By the way, Wednesday 28th of July is an important date on the calendar, as Mark Knopfler will visit my town and give a concert, part of his "Get Lucky Tour". I am going with my sister and I feel very excited about it. It's gonna be awesome!

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