Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new age in ankward guitar playing begins

Hi everyone

I am pleased to start this new adventure and to share it with you all.

What is this blog about?

This blog is the english version of another successful blog concerning guitar, "Dedos de Plomo" ("Wooden Fingers").

I started that other blog when I started palying guitar, eight months ago, at first just to keep a log about my learning stage with this instrument, but it turned to be somehow useful to many people in the early stages of guitar playing, so i decided to share it worldwide, so as much people as possible can find that the problems they have while learning are common, and can be solved with practice and time.

I also have to admit that this in my first blog in english, so i beg your pardon for my mistakes with the language. I just hope my skill turns enough to communicate with you all.

I will tag the posts in chronologic order, so you can find how was my playing in my second month as a guitarist, in my eighth one and so on...

Music styles

My favourite guitar player, light years distance from any other is Mark Knopfler, specially in the early stages of Dire Straits, but also nowadays.

I also like country, blues, rock & pop in general, anything between John Lee hooker to Led Zeppelin and folk in particular (Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and so on). So there are many styles I try to learn at the same time. It can be a mess, but also a way of never getting bored.


My main electric guitar is a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard, I am very fond of her, she's got me completely mesmerized.

I also own a Seagull S6 acoustic guitar (solid cedar top), wich I use very often (as often as the Gibson).

My amplifier is a Fender Mustang I, 20 watt solid state, which is perfect for home practice and recording.


What you are going to find in this blog is the log of a newbye guitarist, with videos and audios of the songs and exercices i play day by day.

By now i share this video i recorded on my fourth day of fingerpicking, it consists in arpegios over the chords of the "unchained melody"


I would like to thank you for reading it, and furtherly commenting my posts, just to help me to improve, or to ask for help (when i can be of any use).

Thak you and i see you around here!!

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