Monday, March 7, 2011

One month over steel strings

One month over steel strings, and results are just slowly coming...

As always, to raise the spirits, i place a pic of the big ones, this time it is for Gilmour, that always got me chills when i listened to him.

This last week i decided to change the way i was playing the A chord. I was fretting it this way (from sixth to first string) 0-0-2-1-3-0 (all in the second fret, numbers stand for the fingers used in each string).

I was forced to fret it this way because of my thick fingers made me impossible to fret it the common way (0-0-1-2-3-0), as I was unable to fret the 4th string this way.

Fortunately, calluses appeared to harden the tip of my first finger, and i was able to check the chord sounded round in the traditional position, so I decided to start playing it that way.

It feels like a new start point, but it is time for it. I prefer not to go on with bad habits, and being very meticulous now, even if it makes my way slower, as i know this effort will have its reward farther on.

By now i know: A - D - E - Am - Dm - Em - G - C

50% of my sessions is to practice them and to switch from one to another, with and without a rythm pattern on the right hand. When my hand gets tired i change and practice the first position of the pentatonic scale, and when i get tired of everything i put distortion and play power chords.

As a conclusion, my progress is firm but slow, but enjoying much everyday of guitar practice.

I bought a new cable, and the sound has improved much, not a great sound but without the annoying noise that the other cable made...

Thanks and see you soon

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